Vino Vérité

Film. Wine. Truth. Vino Vérité presented by Bread Garden Market and Little Village is a series featuring talented new voices and established masters of vérité filmmaking in person to present their thought-provoking, chance-taking, and visually-arresting films.

Previous Screenings


2022 / USA / Rita Baghdadi

Vino Vérité returns in May with a hard-rocking tale of complicated friendships, sexual awakening, and finding a voice set amidst the tumult of the streets of Beirut. Director Rita Baghdadi will be in person to share this Sundance crowdpleaser.


2022 / USA / Sara Dosa

Vino Vérité returns with the breathtaking red-hot love story of two volcanologists living life on the edge. University of Iowa alum Erin Casper (Jonathan Oppenheim Editing Award at Sundance 2022) will join us to discuss her work breathing life into this remarkable story from an amazing archive of footage.


2021 / USA / Jessica Kingdon

Vino Vérité is back with a stunning acid-trip meditation on class and consumption in contemporary China. A true vérité feat from first-time feature filmmaker Jessica Kingdon, Ascension unfolds through keenly-observed vignettes, freed from narrative certainty, that together represent a climb up China’s social ladder and a descent into hedonistic consumerism.


2020 / USA / Bill & Turner Ross

Our first Vino Vérité of 2020 challenges our conceptions of observational documentary. The Ross Brothers fabricate an elegy to a Vegas dive bar from real world pieces populated by actual characters—eliciting authentic experience from creative construct.


2019 / / Luke Lorentzen

Our fourth season continues with a high-stakes thrill ride through Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods, where the Ochoa family runs a private ambulance, competing with other for-profit EMTs for patients in need of urgent help.