FilmScene Reopening Plan


FilmScene is now open and we can’t wait to see your face again!

FilmScene at the Chauncey is open for public screenings in Theater 1 and Theater 2 with limited max capacity (50%) to ensure distanced seating between groups. Theater 3 will open for public screenings this summer. Capacity in FilmScene at the Ped Mall will host our summer animation camp and receive comfort and presentation upgrades for a fall reopening.


We take staff and patron health and safety seriously and have made significant changes to our regular practices to promote a positive and comfortable return to moviegoing.

Our staff is 100% vaccinated and we hope you are too, if you are able. FilmScene does not require masks for vaccinated patrons, though we encourage the continued use of masks for those at risk, especially those who have not been vaccinated.

We will continually monitor public health guidance from local and national experts, and reaffirm our guidelines in this evolving context. Currently, we are committed to the health and safety policies listed below.

What FilmScene is doing to keep you healthy

Staff health and safety
Daily wellness checks and frequent hand-washing for all staff.

Full in-theater cleaning
Using both fabric-grade sanitizers and hard surface sanitizer for our theater seats, wiping down all handrails, doors and surfaces after each showtime.

Facilities enhancements
FilmScene at The Chauncey has upgraded HVAC for MERV-13 filtration and increased outside air flow. Plexiglass installed at points of sale and concessions.

Enhanced restroom cleaning
Full regular cleaning of our restrooms with frequent spot checks.

Box office cleaning
Sanitizing box office area, including kiosks and payment portals.

Social distancing measures
Ample time between showtimes to separate large crowds and floor spacing in line.

Physical distancing and limited capacities
Our theaters will initially operate at a maximum 50% capacity, with groups seated social distant.

Sanitizer on site
Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and disposable face masks for our patrons.

Low-touch transactions
Advanced online ticketing, single-serving containers instead of glassware, credit card swipe accessible outside of staff contact.

Healthy moviegoing
Our goal is keeping you safe and comfortable in our theater, let us know how else we can help!

How you can help keep us healthy. Please...

Stay home if sick
If you are feeling ill, exhibiting a cough, fever or other signs of sickness, please notify our managers.  We will give you a full refund so you can return at a later date.

Order in advance
Book your seats online to skip the line.

Go before you go
Reduce your bathroom visits by using the restroom before you leave the house.

Maintain distance
Keep a 6 foot distance between yourself and other patrons in the lobby area, restrooms and in theater.

Masks welcome
FilmScene does not require masks for vaccinated patrons, though we encourage the continued use of masks for those at risk, especially those who have not been vaccinated.

Seat and hands to yourself
While in the theater, stay in your specified seat and be mindful of any surfaces you are touching.

Ask for help
Notify a manager for all in-theater disturbances or if someone is exhibiting signs of sickness (excess coughing, etc), we are happy to help.

Keep it brief
Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your show and promptly leave the lobby area after the movie to reduce lobby crowding.

Be nice!
We're all adjusting to the return to regular operations and we appreciate kindness and empathy with other patrons and our staff.


FilmScene is a mission-based nonprofit and our members and donors are the lifeblood of what we do. If you can support us by making a donation or by becoming a member, we are grateful.

We will continue to innovate and adapt as our cinema comes back to life. We have ideas for the road ahead, and if you do too, please email us at

Thank you Iowa City, for continuing to support us and the arts community.

At long last, we’ll see you at the movies again,