Billy in the Sky with Diamond

Billy Wilder was a writer's director and a collaborative one at that. He never directed a film that he didn't write together with at least one other writer. After a successful partnership with Charles Brackett (Sunset Blvd.) of more than 10 years, Wilder paired up with I.A.L. Diamond (Some Like It Hot) for some of the greatest comedies of all time. Showcasing exactly half of their features together, this series aims to set the record straight about the late career of a master filmmaker and the creative partner who made it sing.

Previous Screenings


1972 / USA + / Billy Wilder

Baltimore businessman Wendell Armbruster Jr. (Jack Lemmon) journeys to Italy to claim the body of his millionaire father. As he uncovers more about his passing, revelations lead to his involvement with a British beauty inextricably connected to the deceased.


1966 / USA / Billy Wilder

A crooked lawyer (Walter Matthau) convinces his cameraman brother-in-law (Jack Lemmon) to go along with one of his schemes after sustaining a minor injury on the job caused by a famous football player.


1963 / USA / Billy Wilder

A rookie policeman (Jack Lemmon) falls for a headstrong sex worker (Shirley MacLaine) in Paris’ famed Red Light district and is determined to have her all to himself in a bawdy and charming farce that reunites the stars of The Apartment.