Pedro & Penélope

In the lead up to opening Parallel Mothers, we celebrate director Pedro Almodóvar and actress Penélope Cruz's life and work together with a series of highlights from their first collaboration to today.

Upcoming Screenings


2009 / Spain / Pedro Almodóvar

Fri, Jan 2112:30pmSat, Jan 223:30pmSun, Jan 236:30pmTue, Jan 253:30pmThu, Jan 276:30pm

A luminous Penélope Cruz stars as an actress who sacrifices everything for true love in this acclaimed tale of sex, secrets and cinema.


2006 / Spain / Pedro Almodóvar

Fri, Jan 213:30pmSat, Jan 226:30pmSun, Jan 2312:30pmMon, Jan 243:30pmWed, Jan 266:30pm

Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) and her sister Sole (Lola Dueñas) lost their parents in a tragic fire years ago. But superstitious villagers claim that the girls’ departed mother, Irene (Carmen Maura), has been seen wandering around their Aunt Paula’s home.


1999 / Spain + / Pedro Almodóvar

Fri, Jan 216:30pmSat, Jan 2212:30pmSun, Jan 233:30pmTue, Jan 256:30pmThu, Jan 273:30pm

After a tragic loss sees Manuela return to Barcelona, she overcomes her grief by becoming a caregiver to a colorful family: a pregnant nun (Penélope Cruz), a trans sexworker (Antonia San Juan), and two troubled actresses (Marisa Paredes and Candela Peña) in this touching screwball melodrama.


1997 / Spain + / Pedro Almodóvar

Fri, Jan 219:15pmSat, Jan 229:15pmMon, Jan 246:30pmWed, Jan 263:30pmThu, Jan 279:15pm

After a failed seduction of the beautiful but strung out Elena, Victor lands in prison for six years where he has plenty of time to strengthen his mind, body, and desire for revenge on the man that put him there. Now that he’s out, he will stop at nothing to win her over.