Pablo Berger
Dog, Robot
No Spoken Language
Production Country: 
Spain, France
103 minutes
Not Rated
Comedy, Drama
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"Feels real and surreal, familiar and bizarre, resulting in unexpected authenticity." — Matt Schimkowitz, AV Club

"Pablo Berger has made a movie that feels, in the best way, like the last day of summer: radiant, bittersweet, redolent of memories in the making." — Stephanie Zacharek, Time Magazine

"Leaves us to ponder what its voiceless leads leave unspoken: Is opening our lives to others worth the pain?" — Amy Nicholson, New York Times

Join us for a special Cinema Salon screening of the film on Tuesday, July 16 with a post-screening discussion with Senior Center member Frank Murray, retired teacher of literature, philosophy, and film.

Adapted from Sara Varon's graphic novel of the same name, this touching story of friendship and loss follows a dog and his robot best friend. It's the 1980s and Dog lives all alone in a sad bachelor pad in Manhattan. To fill the hole in his soul he builds a companion after catching a late night infomercial for a robot. An inseparable friendship forms as the two take in everything that the city has to offer. But when a trip to the beach results in a months-long separation for the unlikely pair, both Dog and Robot are left wondering if they will ever see each other again. With Varon's striking images as the basis for this animated exploration of companionship, the film wordlessly depicts a moving universal story.



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